The Team
Starting a nanobiotechnology research lab and competing internationally is a formidable challenge beyond the capabilities of any one person. The success of uwDNA to date was only possible with the hard work of our team members, whose majors range from nanotechnology engineering to accounting. In the interest of better coordinating our activities, uwDNA is split into five sub-teams with distinct responsibilities.
The largest sub-team within uwDNA, the experimental sub team is focused on developing the DNA nanostructures that form our assembly line and walker and characterizing them using atomic force microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, and gel electrophoresis.

The software sub-team develops animations of our nanomanufacturing system in action as well as molecular models of the nanostructured parts of the system. These models are invaluable for demonstrating our project to the public and they provide insights into unusual behaviors of our system.

The nanoparticle cargo sub-team brings a spark of innovation to our project by developing entirely new cargoes for assembly. Through careful research, this team has produced a list of many candidate cargoes including cadminum selenide quantum dots and superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles.

The business and advertising sub-team exists to bring in funding from businesses and institutions with the goal of improving the team's research capabilities. This sub-team is responsible for the public presence of the team through Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Biomod teams are required to make a video showcasing their project design. Members of this sub-team plan a story board, write a script, and visualize the project design through film and/or animation.
  • Dr. Marc Aucoin. P. Eng (Faculty Mentor)
  • Dr. Vivek Maheshwari (Experimental Mentor)
  • Dr. Juewen Liu (Experimental Mentor)
  • Dr. Mikko Karttunen (Simulations Mentor)
  • Dr. Nadrian C. Seeman (Author of paper, Experimental Mentor)
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